What our Customers say...


Great outfit, would recommend them to anyone.

On July 12, 2017 our business and community experienced a record breaking flood courtesy of two rivers that bisect Burlington, WI.  Being only one block from the rivers confluence, our building took on nearly two feet of water before the rivers receded.  Working from a different location, I phoned SERVPRO to learn from them what I needed to do next.  With their experience they were able to guide me through the process of what they would do, when they would do it and gave me what turned out to be a very accurate estimate of when their multi-person crew would be able to complete all the clean-up work.  Given the shape the building was in after the water receded, it was a lot to accomplish in a very short period of time.  Our business was closed for only 4 days.  Each day I met with the job manager and together we reviewed progress and priorities for the next day based on our needs - not theirs.  I cannot say enough about how professional, courteous and cooperative every person on the SERVPRO work crew was throughout the entire process.  I would certainly recommend SERVPRO to others impacted by a flooding tragedy.  It was quite evident that they had been through something like this many times given the speed and efficiency in their work and in how rapidly they were able to get our building clean, dry and ready for reconstruction.

Excellent and timely work, delivered as advertised.

I was pleased that SERVPRO had great customer satisfaction.  There were a few instances when the project didn't go as planned (drywall had dimples and paint didn't cover well), but in each instance, SERVPRO made sure to make things right, even if it meant more resources and time and they even found a way to match an existing ceiling texture that was tricky!  SERVPRO employees were always kind and courteous.

Everything was cleaned up and it looks great!

Awesome staff!  Workman explained everything and was very friendly.

Our Project Manager was an outstanding person to work with.  Communication was always prompt and he is a real professional as well as just a really good guy and a credit to your company.

We first met our project managers, they were kind, caring and efficient.  I was emotional and started to cry when I realized we would need to leave our home and might not get back before our granddaughter was to come for her first overnight stay.  Our project managers went through much appreciated efforts to get everything done before she came.  God bless them, they did it!  

I was amazed with the thorough and competent work done during each phase of the work.  Their helpfulness went above and beyond!!

They were very neat and very respectful.  I give them a 10 or A+!

SERVPRO did a great job and made sure everything was 100% correct.  I am very happy with the final product-back to where it was before the water damage. 

They were very professional, courteous and very neat!  We were very pleased with the whole experience.  All the workers were very efficient, clean and polite.  Top Notch!!

They were courteous and responsive to our needs.  We are very pleased with the cleanliness and finished product.

We were impressed with the whole overall process and the response system.  Our project manager kept me up-to-date on all processes.

Very professional, was thorough and easy to work with.  Again Thank-You for your level of service.  Very rare to find that level in these times.

Everyone I dealt with was very helpful.  I am very pleased with the service.  Give my project manager a "10" rating.

Everything was excellent.  The people were very work oriented, friendly and exceeded my expectations.  My project manager was super, he kept me informed at all times.

Our project manager and staff were very pleasant and professional.  I appreciated the way they conducted themselves.  I felt very comfortable and enjoyed working with them.

We were so impressed at how fast & courteous the clean-up crew were and that is why we decided to continue with SERVPRO for the rebuild.

Great Staff! Exceptional work and extremely thorough.  Very nice people to work with!

Everyone was courteous, polite & helpful by explaining things from start to finish.  Also cleaned up well after each time they came.

I previously would see the green vehicles in and around the city and wondered what that company was and now I know.  Everyone at your company was so friendly and professional.  I learned so much during this process.  Our project manager, the carpenters and the cleaning crews shared lots of knowledge with me and I appreciate you guys so very much. I now have a company to recommend to friends and family.

Excellent and this is a great company that I would tell others about.   Great company to have in your home because I felt comfortable with their teams.

They have been great.  I would recommend them to anyone.  They really are worthy of their motto "Like it never even happened."  All the staff were great - friendly, courteous and quick, with high quality.

At a very difficult time given the flood following our vacation the entire staff showed great sensitivity, patience and professionalism helping us with the repair of our basement.  We are very grateful for the high quality work, level of professionalism among the team members, and the compassion that came with it all!  We would highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone!

Very impressed with the high level of professionalism and competency overall. Very happy with the clean-up and assistance in the repair process and being very accommodating to my busy schedule.  My house is cleaner than I would have done!  They did an amazing job at cleaning, our project manager was excellent in every aspect of his job.  Highly recommend!

Very much appreciated the customer service as I was trying to navigate the process of cleanup and also how to proceed with the insurance claim.  Very efficient and timely, informative and accessible.

Excellent service with very prompt follow-up and responses.  Work was completed neatly and professionally.  The excellent service made our unpleasant and stressful experience much easier to handle.  Thank you!

Everyone was great! Project Manager did a great job supervising.

The project managers did an excellent job in coordinating and communicating the rebuild project, drywall, painting, carpentry, and cleaning all done to specifications, professionally, and with a smile!  Many thanks to the staff and contractors assigned to the project.

Fast, excellent quality and friendly staff.  Everyone was great.

Very professional and high quality work in all areas.  Many thanks for getting our home back in shape.

Our project manager was extremely helpful and followed-up on all requests.  Did an astounding job explaining process and timeline.  Helped us through a most difficult time.

Everyone working for SERVPRO on this assignment was very friendly and professional.  All work was explained and done in a timely manner.  We really appreciate how this cleanup was handled.  I know I have a company I'd recommend to family and friends.

SERVPRO was very professional and did a nice job.  They were knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.

I'm very impressed with how well coordinated every task was implemented and completed!  Fine staff, very hard workers!  Thank you!

Excellent workmanship, extremely hardworking keeping us well informed of the plan.  The men on the job were very nice to work with.  In our case, our project manager responded to our sudden need for completion in best possibly timing.  Without his experience and excellent customer service we would have been in a financial mess.

Thank you so much for your kindness and attention to the smallest details.  We sure are very pleased with the job that was done.  God bless you all.

SERVPRO completed the job on time as promised so we could enjoy our kitchen in time for Christmas.  They addressed all concerns promptly.  A job well done.

The employees of SERVPRO are very competent and do a wonderful job.  We will recommend this company to anybody and everybody we know.  It was a pleasure!  Great job!

A pleasure to work with.  I had no worries.  The project manager was very easy to work with.  He kept me informed through the whole process.

It is with great pleasure that I submit this letter of recommendation on behalf of SERVPRO of Milwaukee North.  I have worked with their company on many restoration projects, big and small.  I have found them to have great response time and impeccable customer services, they are extremely efficient in remediation services and emergency response.  They always provide proper equipment and workforce to complete the job efficiently and in a timely manner.  They do a great job communicating progress while the team works to complete the job with minimal interruptions to daily business operations.  SERVPRO serves 70 Bon-Ton Corp stores throughout Wisconsin and Illinois region.  SERVPRO services Bon-Ton in many different aspects such as mold remediation, water damage, building floods, raw sewage and wind damage clean-up.  It gives me peace of mind to know when I call any and all the stores will be taken care of from the start of the project to the end without any concerns.  Their fees and rates are very competitive and reasonable.  

Please consider SERVPRO of Milwaukee North for all of your restoration and remediation needs.

Unbelievable customer service, fantastic skilled workers, overall fantastic repair, clean up, and restoration work!  A BIG thank you!

We felt in safe hands from day 1!  Our experience was amazingly positive.  Our project manager was incredibly sensitive, reliable and efficient.  He listened extremely carefully to my very picky concerns and communicated those concerns to every team member.  All concerns were addressed!  

Everyone was very professional, very hardworking and explained everything they were doing.  We were very impressed with SERVPRO and the team that worked at our house. The crew was so wonderful during a very difficult time for us.

I am very happy with the service I received from SERVPRO.  They did everything exactly as they said they would and they even did it ahead of schedule with high quality.  Every member of the SERVPRO team was courteous, professional and highly skilled.  I would have been lost if SERVPRO wasn't there to help.

I felt assured you were looking out for my well-being.  Thank you for being available!

The day after the fire, a crew from SERVPRO was at my house to start cleaning the mess created from all the water that put out the fire.  They were so careful as to not throw away any of my household contents.  They handled all my personal possessions with care.  They kept exceptional records and took photographs of everything they touched.  Everyone was extremely nice and they always stopped what they were doing to say "hi" and tell me what they were doing.  They were very sympathetic and very good listeners as I explained stories about my possessions.  When I moved back into my house, some of my things were returned to me after going through a cleaning process.  All of these items were packed with care.  Each item was bubble wrapped and packed with brown paper.  Each item was packed individually into boxes that were labelled with the room from which they were taken.  This was wonderful!  I was amazed with the whole SERVPRO staff!  They are all wonderful people and it has been a blessing to work with them.  They take pride in their work and I feel they took care of my things like they were their own.

I was impressed with the quality workmanship in which was all done in a timely manner.  I will highly recommend to my family and friends.  All staff and workers were very polite.  Thank you all for getting my home back to normal without any worries or stress.

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of SERVPRO to you.  On May 7, 2016 we experienced breakage of an underground water line in our warehouse operations.  Shortly thereafter our Tenant operated warehouse was completely flooded with water and debris.  

SERVPRO was directed to help with clean-up operations.  The SERVPRO team, responded quickly and thoroughly restored our warehouse to its original condition within a matter of days.  Communication throughout the clean-up process was very good with daily progress reports from the crew.  They were very professional throughout the entire emergency clean-up process.

I would wholeheartedly recommend SERVPRO to anyone with a similar need.

SERVPRO was very caring, helpful and efficient.  They answered all my questions and were extremely neat and professional.  I would like to thank all of the SERVPRO employees for making my time of need in this difficult situation, as painless as possible.

Extremely happy. Will happily recommend.

I was very pleased with the quality of the work, the pleasantness of the workers and the constant concern for my satisfaction.

They handled EVERYTHING! I didn't have to worry about details & additional communication with the adjuster. I am a "control" person and usually have to make things happen - not in this case. I was very pleasantly surprised to be "taken care of" with all details handled. Very professional team - very careful, paid attention to details & cleaned up after themselves. House looks better than before the damage!!! On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best - these guys are a 15 or 20!

I think SERVPRO of Milwaukee North is the best. I would recommend them highly. Everyone I dealt with was great - pleasant, professional and thorough.

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of SERVPRO to you.  On June 16, 2015 we had a fire in our plant.  We had smoke and water damage throughout our plant. 

Our insurance company directed SERVPRO to assess clean-up operations.  The SERVPRO team expeditiously responded and provided the equipment and workforce required to complete the clean-up job.  They kept us informed of their progress daily.  They were very professional, courteous, and accommodating during the entire process.

Please consider SERVPRO for all your restoration and remediation needs.

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of SERVPRO to you.  On March 16, 2015 our maintenance building was destroyed by fire.  The fire also impacted our lunchroom, locker room, lab and foreman's office.  Although no production equipment was directly damaged by the fire, there was smoke and water damage throughout our plant.

Travelers Insurance directed SERVPRO to assess clean-up operations.  The SERVPRO team, expeditiously responded and provided the equipment and workforce required to complete the job in an efficient and timely manner.  They kept me and my employees informed of their progress and did so with minimal business interruption.  They were professional, courteous and accommodating during the entire process.  Their fees and rates were very competitive.  

Please consider SERVPRO for all your restoration and remediation needs.

Great job from start to finish! It was great to deal with a trusted company all the way through to the end! The Staff was amazing. Not being in state as all was occurring was a challenge but the SERVPRO Staff put us at ease and handled everything. The communication and pictures throughout the process helped. Thank you!

Very informative every step of the way. Your staff did a GREAT JOB! I am very pleased with the work done and the people I worked with.

SERVPRO is very professional, met all of our expectations and a pleasure to work with. Our Project Manager was great to work with! He explained things so we would understand the process, got back to us with answers when we had questions and followed through on all our concerns.

This team is a first class operation all the way around. I would highly recommend.

Very pleased! Everyone was very polite and professional. It made my time of need go much easier. Thanks

Everyone - and I mean everyone - involved in this process did an excellent job & were a pleasure to do business with. You all made us feel well taken care of. Thank you for providing such excellent service. We have already recommended you to friends & family. Thanks again!

The crew did a wonderful job, from explaining my questions thoroughly to the actual clean up and removal. They were very professional and were awesome workers!

Very favorable. Their professionalism and courtesy allowed us to feel comfortable while in our home. The SERVPRO Team was extremely professional throughout this experience. They also showed care and empathy to our family.

Totally professional and personable. Excellent crew!!

Everything went smoothly and all repairs/fixes were done as expected.

Staff did a great job and kept customer advised. Concerned for customers belongings and kept things neat and clean. Great Experience!

Excellent Service!!! All the staff, contractors and office staff did an outstanding job. Couldn't say enough how helpful, courteous and knowledgeable everyone was to us. Thank you so much for your help with this.

I thought this company was excellent and very happy with everything. I would recommend them to anyone and I already tell people how good this company is.

I never heard of you until my misfortune. I would recommend your company in a heartbeat. Everyone was wonderful.

Work was done on schedule; communication was on a daily basis. The crew was wonderful to work with. They called everyday to check with me to see if I was happy with the work. All workers were polite and did the work in a timely manner.

You did a great job. Thanks for seeing this project through completion and being accommodating!

Servpro of Milwaukee North was very attentive of what was the best solution for me as a customer & doing a complete and thorough job.

Servpro is a professional company that takes its job very seriously. The customer service was exemplary! Everyone was so kind, caring and compassionate. They did the job with extreme professionalism. Never a complaint no matter how arduous the work.

Staff went out of their way to accommodate numerous special requests. Thank you! I'm very pleased with everything.

SERVPRO of Milwaukee North was knowledgeable, professional, and patient with our questions, willingness to be flexible, polite, and timely. We give them Four Star recommendations from us.

Excellent structure and process. Excellent staff and management with thorough communication. All my needs were met. I am looking forward to working with SERVPRO in the future for another job. I think they are the BEST!

I have never had a more helpful and courteous group of people serving my needs. During a time of great challenge for me, SERVPRO did everything to ease my concerns and accommodate my personal schedule.

Everyone was awesome! Prompt, nice, friendly - WOW! I can't say enough about this experience. Every person was a delight. I feel like I've known them for years. This experience could have been awful and it was professional, reliable and outstanding from start to finish.

Would definitely recommend them to anyone in need. Great service! Your crew was dependable, very courteous, prompt, great manners. The cleanup was really "top notch". When they cleaned up the mess of tear down - it was clean. Even wiped down the back porch landing, which they used to haul out the debris. Thanks!