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Vehicle Biohazard....We Can Help With That!

Biohazards of all types are no problem for our crew. This vehicle was in need of some professional cleaning by a certified company. Our specialists not only have the necessary training but also access to unique equipment to get the job completed.

Theinsville Home HVAC Malfunction Results in Fire

A Theinsville home with an attic system HVAC malfunction resulted in a house fire. The fire caused enormous damage throughout the home from the attic, ceilings & walls. Multiple rooms were affected & everything from the drywall to the insulation, all the way through the roof was in need of repair.

Old Man Winter Brings Ice Dams to Richfield

Wisconsin is notorious for harsh winters. With our constant freezing & thaw rotation sometimes the water has no where to go... It gets stuck in an unfortunate location like along gutters, under roof shingles or like this Richfield home in the deck area above the garage. 

Bayshore Mall Calls SERVPRO When Bad Fortune Strikes

We love to work for local Milwaukee businesses. Behind the scenes at our shopping centers, sometimes unfortunate events occur, pipes break, sprinkler heads malfuntion, etc. When Property Managers call, SERVPRO responds.

Flooding Results in Storm Damage at WE Energies

Wisconsin residents know all to well the variety of weather conditions we get, sometimes all in the same 24 hours. The quick melting of a blizzard or downpour on top of a yet frozen ground can leave us with a ton of water & no where for it to go. Such an event took place at our local power company.

Dishwasher Leak Results in Large Drying Job

When a faulty dishwasher leaked in a kitchen of a large events & catering facility in Milwaukee SERVPRO of Milwaukee North was there to assist. The large floorplan was no problem when it comes to supplying numerous units of equipment to get the job done right!

Sprinkler Head Malfunction Hydrates the YMCA

As a part of our community we were glad to be contacted by our local Tri County YMCA when a sprinkler head popped resulting numerous flooded areas. Happily serving our Milwaukee & Waukesha County areas.

Iconic Milwaukee Hotel Counts on SERVPRO to Remediate

Historic buildings in Milwaukee of 100+ years are amazing sites for renovation & re-establishing a new thriving business. But with age & our unpredictable WI winters, even the best renovation/updates can experience a pipe break. In the event of an unfortunate incident SERVPRO of Milwaukee North is there.

Milwaukee Apartment Unit Fire Clean Up

As a 24/7 response company, we receive after hours calls for fires. The fire occurred & was contained to a single unit, but the damage affects much more than the apartment kitchen itself. The soot & odor traveled throughout the entire 3rd floor level requiring cleaning of the ceilings and walls in the common hallways as well.

UV Light of a Hydroxyl Generator Treats Air

After a small shop fire at a Janesville recycling center the office was plagued by a residual odor. The SERVPRO Mitigation Specialist used a specific piece of equipment called a Hydroxyl Generator to treat the air with a UV light to kill the bacteria that was causing the odor, in addition to multiple air scrubbers. The combined efforts of the specialized machines & soot removal was just the treatment needed!

Mitigation Specialists Achieve "Like it never even happened." Status

From specialized small scale cleaning of delicate one of a kind personal items to large scale loss job sites, our employees have what it takes to achieve "Like it never even happened." status every time!

Flood Water Can Cause Lasting Damage

WI weather can bring unpredictable damage to homes & businesses a like. Fast 24/7 Storm Team response can get your property up and running. The first steps will include drying the structure & removing any contents & materials affected by water. The SERVPRO Mitigation Specialist will moniter the job every step of the way to ensure the property looks "Like it never even happened".

Rising Flood Water Causes Excessive Interior Damage to Local Business

Flooded interior to a business can bring productivity to a screeching hault. SERVPRO of Milwaukee North is available 24/7 to assist, we will arrive Faster to Any Disaster and get your business back online with the least amount of time out of service.

WE Energies Storm Flooding

Summer storms in Wisconsin can turn buildings into victims of flood damage overnight. WE Energies utilized our large loss response team after a storm flooded their facility in Watertown. The entire building suffered two (2) feet of standing water which required extraction, demolition, structural drying and content(s) restoration.  SERVPRO handled documents which required freeze drying with chain of custody verification. WE Energies is a client of ours that requires a higher level of customer service.  Providing solutions to each customer doesn't require leaving the SERVPRO umbrella to subcontract with a different company.  Trust is making it "Like it never even happened".

Safety & Personal Protection Are a Priority at SERVPRO of Milwaukee North

Whether the job is residential or commercial, the crews at SERVPRO of Milwaukee North always arrive to the job equipped with Personal Protective Gear & equipment. Safety is a priorty for our employees, respirators, coverall suits, nitrile gloves & ear plugs are just a few commonly used items. 

Water on Drywall

If you ever wondered, how do you know if there is a water leak?  Water damage shows itself differently on every surface.  On drywall there is discoloration and eventually with too much water for too long it will disintegrate and make a hole in the drywall.  In this picture the water is right next to an light which houses electricity.  Special care has to be taken dealing with electricity and water!

Smoke Webs

When there is a fire, a variety of materials are burning, some natural, chemical, synthetic...  After a fire the burning of synthetic materials create what are called smoke webs.  These appear like spider webs but they are sticky and will smudge easily.  When you call SERVPRO of Milwaukee North, we have all the cleaning supplies that help to clean-up fires, even those stubborn little smoke webs!


Homeowners acted quickly to get us out to their water loss that affected their hardwood floor.  We used injectidry system to dry the floor in place to save the flooring and money!

Stovetop Fire

In this loss there was a fire on the stovetop that made for just a little fire damage but very extensive smoke damage through the home.  SERVPRO of Milwaukee North mitigated and our project managers and carpenters tackled the rebuild job.

Basement Mold

We all know and love that basements seem to be the place for water, moisture and mold, ESPECIALLY in those corners.  Consider a dehumidifier if your basement has a humidity level higher than 50%.  If you already have a dehumidifier please DOUBLECHECK that yours is not on the recent dehumidifier recall list!

River Flood Damage

During a storm event, in Burlington, WI, SERVPRO of Milwaukee North was called in to help with the clean-up at a local bank.  After the storm waters receded they were left with a muddy mess.  SERVPRO mitigated so that they could be back in business after 4 days!

Cabinet Mold

Mold can pop up anywhere even behind cabinets where there has been no known water loss. In this mold remediation all around the cabinets had no high moisture readings but inside the cabinet was a different story. SERVPRO of Milwaukee North had to remove the cabinets and drywall to remediate this mold mess.

Drying out Walls

There are many ways to dry out a wall.  Many times we cut out the wall which is wet and other times we drill holes and shoot air into the wall cavity to help dry in place.  This option is more cost effective!

Winter Fire

Fire clean-up is difficult and time-consuming but in winter there are extra factors that get in the way.  Along with the damage, water to put out the fire can freeze and the house may not be able to get heat restored for awhile to make frozen pipe breaks another issue.  


SERVPRO of Milwaukee North has a franchise desiccant that is used for large commercial buildings in where there has been a water loss.  The Desiccant helps to pull all the moisture out of the buildings to dry them quickly.  SERVPRO of Milwaukee North understands the need for businesses to get back up and running as quickly as possible and the use of the desiccant can definitely do that.

Rebuild Services

SERVPRO of Milwaukee North along with wonderful mitigation and cleaning services has a rebuild department.  Whether it is paired with our mitigation services or on its own (like the car vs garage picture) we can take it on.  With our 4 full time project managers and carpenters we can take on any rebuild projects to make it "Like it never even happened."

Personal Protective Equipment

For mold jobs, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Containment is our top priority.  We make sure that all our technicians are protected with PPE and the containment makes sure our customers are protected from any mold spores travelling to other sections of their building and finding a new place to hang out. PPE consists of suits to cover all clothes and skin and a respirator that is fitted especially for each tech.

Department Store Water Loss

Air Movers are a necessary part of every water loss.  This loss required water extraction and then air movers and dehumidifiers to remove the moisture from the carpet that ended up being saved!

Stormy & Blaze

By any chance have you seen our SERVPRO stars Stormy & Blaze on our TV commercials?  They are always ready to tackle the biggest, messiest jobs. Check out their videos online! 

Commercial Mold on Drywall

Mold can be obvious like in your shower or it can hide. In this case the mold was hiding behind some cabinetry and lockers.  If there is an area with high moisture and a musty smell be sure to be diligent and check for any mold hiding spots.

Fire in Cedarburg

A fire in Cedarburg created along with the mess of fire and smoke but massive amounts of insulation that came down over everything. SERVPRO of Milwaukee North completed the mitigation, contents cleaning and full rebuild.

Commercial Water Loss in Green Bay

SERVPRO of Milwaukee North had a very muddy experience at a warehouse in Green Bay that had water and mud rush into their warehouse and adjoining offices.  We had everything cleaned up in a few days!

SERVPRO - Proud Sponsor of the PGA

SERVPRO is the Official Clean-Up and Restoration Company of the PGA TOUR.  We are excited to have one of the premier PGA golfing events in 2017 at Erin Hills just outside Milwaukee area. 

Commercial Fire in Eau Claire

SERVPRO of Milwaukee North's Large Loss team was the project managers for a commercial fire in Eau Claire.  The warehouse required cleaning and it was finished in less than a month with the business still at work while we worked.

Ready Whenever You Need Us

SERVPRO of Milwaukee North is part of the Large Loss SERVPRO Response Team.  We have dedicated Marketing reps and crews in the field every week day along with an on-call crew ready 24/7.  We are able to help in the smallest or largest jobs around.

Milwaukee Commercial Fire

This fire destroyed a maintenance building and also impacted a lunchroom, locker room, lab and foreman's office.  SERVPRO of Milwaukee North spent over a month working on the clean-up.

SERVPRO of Milwaukee North Semi & Desiccant

SERVPRO of Milwaukee North is Located in Menomonee Falls, WI and is the designated Large Loss SERVPRO of Wisconsin.  We have all the tools to do large commercial losses all over the state.

SERVPRO of Milwaukee North

SERVPRO of Milwaukee North is Located in Menomonee Falls, WI just off of Interstate 41 and Pilgrim Rd.  Our franchise can do work in the entire Milwaukee area.  No job is too small or large for our franchise.