Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Basement Mold

We all know and love that basements seem to be the place for water, moisture and mold, ESPECIALLY in those corners.  Consider a dehumidifier if your basement has a humidity level higher than 50%.  If you already have a dehumidifier please DOUBLECHECK that yours is not on the recent dehumidifier recall list!

Cabinet Mold

Mold can pop up anywhere even behind cabinets where there has been no known water loss. In this mold remediation all around the cabinets had no high moisture readings but inside the cabinet was a different story. SERVPRO of Milwaukee North had to remove the cabinets and drywall to remediate this mold mess.

Personal Protective Equipment

For mold jobs, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Containment is our top priority.  We make sure that all our technicians are protected with PPE and the containment makes sure our customers are protected from any mold spores travelling to other sections of their building and finding a new place to hang out. PPE consists of suits to cover all clothes and skin and a respirator that is fitted especially for each tech.

Commercial Mold on Drywall

Mold can be obvious like in your shower or it can hide. In this case the mold was hiding behind some cabinetry and lockers.  If there is an area with high moisture and a musty smell be sure to be diligent and check for any mold hiding spots.